What is Direct Dial?

Direct Dial means that you nominate Tiptone NONE CODED ACCESS as your preferred toll provider. With direct dial you donít have to enter any access codes; simply pick up the phone and start calling.

What calls does direct dial apply to?

Calls made outside your local calling area within New Zealand
Calls to Telecom and Vodafone mobiles
Calls to international destinations

Will I notice any difference in the quality of my phone calls?

No, there is no difference in the call quality when using our NONE CODED ACCESS direct dial

Do I have to dial a prefix to make a toll call?

No you simply dial calls as you do now.

Do I have to change my telephone numbers or PABX system?

No there will be no change to your existing numbers or PABX system, all that happens is that you nominate Tiptone as your direct dial provider.

Are there any reasons why I wonít be able to direct dial through Tiptone direct dial?

Yes, there are some Telecom services that may prevent calls from coming through our direct dial. This can include the following:
If you have a toll bar with Telecom
If you have call tracking with Telecom
In some cases if you have Faxability on your phone

How can I tell if I am connected with Tiptone direct dial?

You can dial our support number. Our support team will answer you of your current direct dial service provider.

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